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We offer various types of classes, so you can choose which format suits you.

Of course, you can teach yourself Acro through trial and error, but having a teacher will skyrocket your progress – especially when starting out with Acro!

We not only teach you techniques and flows, we also introduce you to the meta-elements of the practice; like how to structure your training, practice safely & learn from your own practice.

Real World Classes

We don’t currently teach a regular class.

We’ve recently moved to Leeds, and as such don’t yet teach a class.

If you’re looking for a beginner class in Leeds we recommend Scarlot’s class.

When: Tuesday. 18:30 – 20:30
Where: Leeds Aerial Arts, LS4 2BL, UK How: Sign up using her website.
Price: £8.50 per person.

Private Training

Personal Training

Treat yourself to some private training, where you get immediate feedback and corrections from us personalised to you. It’s a great way to learn new skills, improve existing ones and to target your specific needs.

No. of sessionsOnline PriceOffline Price
One (x 1 hour)50€70€
Five (x 1 hour)210€300€

Group Training

Make it happen! Gather your friends and together take a private group class. These can be arranged as a single session or scheduled for a longer term project.

1 session: up to 8 people: 100€ (1 hour)
5 sessions: up to 8 people: 420€ (5 x 1 hour)

Offline Classes contact modal: Sign up to our AcroYoga classes!
Private training contact modal: Get in touch to ask about private training

Acro with children?

We think it is wonderful, for both parents and kids. AcroYoga can be a new game to play at home. It’s exciting to see how we can learn together, and from each other.

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