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We offer various types of classes, so you can choose which format suits you.

Of course, you can teach yourself Acro through trial and error, but having a teacher will skyrocket your progress – especially when starting out with Acro!

We not only teach you techniques and flows, we also introduce you to the meta-elements of the practice; like how to structure your training, practice safely & learn from your own practice.

Real World Classes

Beginner Class

Everyone is welcome, no matter your experience, strength or flexibility. With the correct technique, we can make it work. Feel free to come solo, or to bring friends!

We start with partner warm-up exercises, some Acro games and move on to poses and flows. We teach a mixture of AcroYoga, and standing acrobatics. Your questions and your wishes are always welcome.

When: Thursday. Sequoia, Penryn: 20:00 – 21:00
How: Sign up using Sequoia’s system.
Drop-in Price: £10 per person. Free for members.
*(there is a “Handstand class” before the Acro class from 17:30 – 18:30. It focuses on training your handstands and strengthening your body)

Private Training

Personal Training

Treat yourself to some private training, where you get immediate feedback and corrections from us personalised to you. It’s a great way to learn new skills, improve existing ones and to target your specific needs.

No. of sessionsOnline PriceOffline Price
One (x 1 hour)50€70€
Five (x 1 hour)210€300€

Group Training

Make it happen! Gather your friends and together take a private group class. These can be arranged as a single session or scheduled for a longer term project.

1 session: up to 8 people: 100€ (1 hour)
5 sessions: up to 8 people: 420€ (5 x 1 hour)

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Acro with children?

We think it is wonderful, for both parents and kids. AcroYoga can be a new game to play at home. It’s exciting to see how we can learn together, and from each other.

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