„You step onto the road and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept to.“

— J.R.R.Tolkin


It is easier than it looks, really! The trick lies in making use of the correct technique, not through strength. Therefore, everyone can do it with practice: your gender or age doesn’t matter.

Acro effectively trains all aspects of physicality; co-ordination, fitness, strength & flexibility. Furthermore, it teaches us how to communicate with our partner and as a bonus it has a lovely community of diverse and open people.

Acro is a path that allows you to be more adventurous and fluent with your body: You can be playful and conscious. A dreamer and a doer. You can be childish and responsible. All at once.

Through the practice of AcroYoga those assumptions of differences dissolve and you surprise yourself all the time. Our advice to you is to dare you to try, to experience and to feel.

About us

We’re an acro-couple that met at an acro convention over one fateful New Year’s Eve and have since been on a wonderful journey. Our own Acro Adventure if you will !
We enjoy being hopelessly romantic and doing things we will remember with a smile once we are old. We brought Acro Adventure into life because we see the value in making AcroYoga accessible to everyone, creating a community and connecting wonderful people.

What Marie says about Tomas:

„Tomas started Acro 6 years ago and is an amazing base and teacher. His super power is to energise learners with his enthusiasm for acro, to encourage people and to spot what their needs are. He loves the community that comes with practicing Acro and enjoys learning new skills. He plays nerdy video games and has a really sophisticated way of organizing his travel bag.“

What Tomas has to say about Marie:

„Marie has been teaching for over 8 years one of the largest Acro classes in Berlin. She is a Yoga and AcroYoga Fairy, and loves to challenge each student with a smile. In her classes she creates a light and playful atmosphere and has all the necessary tips to perfect your AcroYoga Flow… I just wish she would organize her clothes as well as she does her classes.“

We are currently living in West Cornwall, offering workshops, regular classes and Private Coaching, while building up a structured online library for AcroYoga. One of our greatest joys is to make people happy with what we do… and to eat Peanut Butter!

We love getting to know you and support you on your path to becoming an Acro-monkey. Feel free to reach out and ask us anything.

Acro-love & hugs, T&M xo

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