Payment Info

We prefer to accept payments via bank transfer or cash, as there are no fees involved.
If that’s a pain for you, then you can pay by card below, though there’s a slight fee for the card handling, sorry!

Bank Details

Here are our bank details, please remember to include a reference, telling us what class or workshop you’re paying for.

CurrencyEuro €Pounds £
Account DetailsAccount holder: Acro Adventure
IBAN: BE64 9670 4957 5652
Reference: Which class or workshop
Account Holder: Acro Adventure
Account Number: 79591978
Sort Code: 23-14-70
Reference: Which class or workshop

Real World Prices (offline classes)

PriceEuro €Pounds £Pay by card
Drop-in14€ per person£12 per person
Drop-in with yoga/handstand class17.50€ per person£15 per person
8-week Course65€ per person£56 per person
8-week Course with yoga/handstand class81.50€ per person£70 per person

8-week Course note:
If you have doubts about committing to an 8-week Course, we’re happy for you to attend the first class as a drop-in, and if you want to continue we will deduct the cost from the remainder of the Course.

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