AcroYoga on your first date – Best or Worst choice?

Practicing AcroYoga can reveal some truths about both yourself and your date, so at least you know where you’re at quickly! Learn how it teaches us to form deeper connections.

Acro is a light-hearted & self-empowering practice, that make you look & feel more attractive. There is a bit more to it than just learning lifts. In AcroYoga we play, in a wild & exciting way! Many of us have forgotten how to be free of worries as when we were children and now conform to socially conditioned behaviour.

The good news is, breaking out of this is an inherent skill that simply needs the right setting. For example, when we met our childhood-friend for the first time, we were not worried about how we were perceived. By worrying less, we can be more ourselves… what else can we offer? So why not consider AcroYoga on your first date?

Below are 5 psychological secrets…

1) Laughter makes you feel & appear more attractive.

I rarely have seen anyone who didn’t laugh in an Acro class. Did you know that laughter evolved from the laboured breathing we experience during physical play? So, it is kind of inseparable from Acro.

One study(1) observed that the more a woman laughed during an encounter, the more interested she was in her companion. Not only that, but also the more that men felt drawn to her. You can hardly fake your laughter, it’s an honest signal, which creates magical moments.

2) Fear reveals the worst… and the best.

Extreme situations trigger extreme responses, they show more of a genuine character than self-proclaimed statements. In AcroYoga those nerve-racking situations are created – although in a safe environment, it still makes your heart race, and everyBody reacts differently.

Flyer & Base never really do the same thing at the same time. Therefore, in order to make it work, both people have to try to read each other and react. This starts out physically, then develops into emotionally too. Which is basically empathy in action.

Acro trains your empathy.

Here’s an example:

When the ground is suddenly taken out from under your feet, you immediately experience higher levels of sympathetic activity. Adrenalin surges, you’re excited, uninhibited and shout: „Hold me! Catch me!“ It’s a natural reaction and there is nothing wrong with being impulsive in this manner, though… in a normal context we wouldn’t dare to be that demanding.

Now, the interesting part: Will your date show empathy? Will she/he find a way to calm you down? Provide security? Apologize? Or, shut you down?

Extremes strip away a persons façade and reveal deeper layers of their personality.

3) The shadow of the third.

Esther Perel(2), relationship guru and TED Talk princess, calls the shadow of the third the presence of plus 1 to a duo, which causes the partners to see each other from a more separated standpoint. That means that instead of the potentially awkward eye-staring contest in the pizzeria, you get the chance to see your partner interacting from another perspective…

Being themselves, without directly being involved with you.
Watching someone in this way can create a feeling of attraction & desire inside you, and the same is true for others of yourself.

4) Trust exercises, little keys to the heart.

We can’t deny that trust is a prerequisite for successful „mating“. It is a feeling which reveals itself when one has to depend upon another(3). We are naturally afraid to get hurt, so we generally don’t give away our trust easily. Our ego rather builds psychological walls to defend against hurt, according to relationship coach, Susan Winter(4).

However physio-psychological interdependence works like a magical key. In the moment our body learns to trust in another’s body, our heart also gives that person a genuine chance. What we can observe in Acro then, is that connections are formed faster and grow deeper than in other contexts.

5) At least you will have a good time. The Gang Bang Theory*

Even if your date is a flop, the chances are high that you get to know someone else & still have a good time! At the very least you’ll have practiced a new skill that is good for your body & is fun, with a wonderful community.

The Community consists of open & playful people, who often share a curiosity for life – people who take their longing for excitement into action.

Summing it all up:

A quick summary of why you should consider AcroYoga on your first date:

  • AcroYoga makes you appear & feel more attractive
  • In extreme situations, people often reveal important aspects of their personality
  • Physical trust exercises work subconsciously and support the formation of deeper connections
  • You avoid awkward restaurant moments, but still have plenty of time to get to know each other: Instead of words, you share moments

So, if you want to start right away, join our next online class!

Acro-love & hugs,
Tomas & Marie xo

We sincerely hope that this article provided you with useful information that you can put into action. If you have any feedback, personal experiences or questions, feel free to leave a comment.

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