Fear of Failure in Acro

My goal was to stop being afraid of failing when doing Acro. In my Acrobatic practice, it’s not the fear of hurting myself, but of failing and therefore disappointing others, that drags me down; after making a mistake, my rising anxiety for the next trick might grow until it reaches a point where I can’t enjoy the training anymore. Resulting in feeling shame, low self-esteem and wanting to hide.

Quitting medicine to become a Yoga teacher

3 brief diary entries, documenting my experience of quitting medicine to become a Yoga teacher in search of myself. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make, and for once, I am truly proud of myself. Some find it easy to do what they want… but, for me, it has always been hard to know what I want.

AcroYoga on your first date – Best or Worst choice?

Practicing AcroYoga can reveal some truths about both yourself and your date, so at least you know where you’re at quickly! Acro is a light-hearted & self-empowering practice, that make you look & feel more attractive. There is a bit more to it than just learning lifts. In AcroYoga we play, in a wild & exciting way! So why not consider AcroYoga on your first date?

5 tips to work on your Communication in AcroYoga

Do you have trouble with communication in AcroYoga? Of all the skills we have developed, language is one of the most recent.
Yet still, of the various communication channels open to us (e.g. body language, facial expressions etc…) words are often what we cling to the most when interacting with our partner. Especially in situations that feel dangerous!

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